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Foreground: white vintage 1955 BMW R50 twin motorcycle in racing trim. Midground: 5 men and 1 woman standing; looking at camera. Background: Desert mountains and blue sky.

We are IN THE NEWS!!! Brooks Motor Works Flying Fox Racing Team returned triumphant from Bonneville 2009. Read all about our successful exploits at the right of the page under Bonneville 2009. Check out what Darryl Richman is saying on the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners site about "Brooks' Flying Fox Racing Team smashes through 100mph barrier!" on their 500cc BMW twin. Read Paul Clark's article at the BMW Veteran Motorcycle Club of America: "Vintage BMW racing team on a fever pitch to Bonneville 2009!" Check out South Sound BMW Marty Hamilton's siteand read about Barbara Brooks and El Mirage and see the photos. Read the daily log posted as it all was happening below:

August 14, 2009. Barbara breaks own SCTA record in the 500cc Production Pushrod Vintage category riding 'Bonita Rapida' with 100.33 mph! Barbara's run this morning on the 500cc BMW motorcycle was timed at 100.2 averaged with yesterday's run at 100.4 sets a record speed of 100.33. Kevin and Barbara are packing up to leave Bonneville and head back to Olympia.

Kevin and Barbara thank South Sound BMW, Local Union No. 1797 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Tenzing Momo herbal apothecary of Pikes's Place Market, Charlie McManus and Jacqueline Plattner of Primo Grill in Tacoma, Dave, Jeff, Steve, Dean and Lyle, Wes, Rob, Ron, Dave & Ron, Tammi, Bruce & Kathy, Uncle Phred, Dino, Lili and Fred and everyone who generously donated time, money and materials and participated in this adventure...

August 13, 2009. The bike is running well! Barbara has put in her fastest Bonneville run yet at 100.4 mph. The BMW is back in impound waiting until tomorrow when Barbara is set to 'Do the Ton'.

Rob's 250cc BMW single, ridden by Ron Brown, and maintained by Kevin, has set a record at around 68 or 69 mph, with the fastest run at 72mph. Remember, it isn't the single fastest run, but the average of two runs to define the record speed. More details later.

The Rennsport Replica has had an engine swap and is waiting for tomorrow. The crowds at Bonneville have thinned with most of the competitors leaving for home. Of the Flying Fox Racing Team, Barbara and Kevin are the only racers on the salt, with beautiful vistas of distant mountains.

August 12, 2009. Barbara sets new record at 99.05 mph! Barbara, riding 'Bonita Rapida' has set a new SCTA record in the 500cc Production Pushrod Vintage category. Now, Kevin and the team are considering replacing the clutch and changing the final drive to see if Barbara can put in 2 runs back-to-back at over 100 mph. That would be setting a new record, and breaking it the same week. Check back tomorrow for more.

August 11, 2009. To set a record requires 2 runs, the second run confirming the capability of Man & Machine. On Barbara's first run of the day, the clutch slipped — terminating the initial record attempt. But a second attempt is now underway. Barbara's first run on the second attempt was at a sizzling 100.248 mph! Way to go! The bike is again in impound and we are all waiting for tomorrow.

August 10, 2009. Barbara has just ridden 'Bonita Rapida' 99.52 mph in the first half on the way to a record in the 500cc Production Pushrod Vintage category. The bike is now in impound and she will have to ride at that speed or better tomorrow morning to capture the record.

August 7, 2009. We're headed to Bonneville for another record breaking effort. Our rides are the R25, R50, and the Rennsport replica.