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Motorcycle Fuel Tank

Hoske Tank

Ernst Hoske was a manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for the older BMW motorcycle, notably fuel tanks and mufflers. Hoske also made a wide variety of racing components, and supplied fuel tanks for the BMW racing team Rennsports. He designed a deep sump passive oil cooler that was copied by a company called Briel in the late 1970's, and marketed by them for /5 through /7 BMW motorcycle series.

Heinrich Tank

Karl Heinrich designed fuel tanks that were produced from the 1960's through the 1980's. He created many different tanks in different sizes from the same basic stamping. Even late models of his tanks have the sidecar cut out on the lower right front. They are still appropriate for the motorcycle with or without a sidecar. The following four photos are of a racebike and of a prewar design Hoske tank mounted on a 1954 R68. This was probably originally intended or used as a racing tank. Note the four holes where one would expect to find a tool box lid. These were probably used to secure the 'racing pad'.

The next three photos are of a Hoske tank, approximately 8.0 gallon capacity with /2 mounting.

The following three photos are of a special Hoske tank fitted with /2 mountings, with about an 8.5 gallon capacity. Most interesting is the length of the tank and the cut-out at the rear. It appears that this tank is intended to be used only with the narrow dual seat.

The next five photos are of a very rare and attractive 8.5 gallon Heinrich tank without the tool box.

The next six photos are of a Heinrich tank. The apparent shape of these tanks seems to morph according to the paint scheme that is applied. This traditionally painted Dover White Heinrich tank is dimensionally identical to the black and silver tank in the previous series of photos. With the exception of the tool-box of course. A nice touch is the "BMW" rondel incorporated into a specially made to order key knob, permanently installed into the locking mechanism. This eliminates having to find and fumble for the key at every step of your trip.

Here follow two photos of another "long" Hoske, similar to the one shown earlier, but with extended petcock bungs angled to the rear. This tank uses standard /2 mounts and does not have the special treatment at the rear of the tunnel to fit the nose of the dual seat.