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Five New Land Speed Records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, 2013

Check out the details of our stupendous achievements. You can see the records and some photos for our 350cc SC-VG, 350cc SC-VF, 500cc SC-VG, 250cc M-VF, 250cc MPS-VF Land Speed Records.

Record Setting Vintage BMW Motorcycles
Restorations by Brooks Motor Works

Vintage BMW Restoration Services

Brooks Motor Works offers a full line of service for your vintage BMW twin or single motorcycle including:

  • Minor and Major Service
  • Minor and Major Engine Service (Including Upgrades)
  • Wheel Rebuild
  • Vintage Correct Paint and Pinstriping
  • and More...

All of our work is done to the highest standards, you can choose to have a restoration done on your vintage motorcycle that is absolutely period correct, or you can have service done on your classic that includes technological upgrades invisible from the outside.

Restoring Beyond Expectations

Restoration in a beautiful, meticulous fashion, returning your bike to its original splendor, or- What about taking your bike and restoring it beyond those original capabilities? Why not have a vintage restoration that runs down the road with fire in its belly? That shifts like a hot knife through butter? That breaks so hard you leave rubber on the road, and accelerates on the bonneville salt flats leaving a streak that the starters gasp at?

We don't mess around with our restorations. These are for daily riding. We believe that you can take the past, take what's best— the classic look, the wonderful design, the german quality— and improve things with modern technology. We road test our designs, and high speed extreme condition test our components and improvements. Treat yourself. Ride a Brooks Motor Works restoration. You'll never go back.

—Barbara Brooks, Land Speed Record Setter

Kevin Brooks: Where I started...

I got my first bike as a teenager, and my first BMW twin just out of High School in 1972. It was a 1966 R60/2, and it took every penny I had. My mom was aghast that I spent so much money on a motorcycle without a sidestand. Every summer I took off on my bike and traveled all over the Western United States.

In 1980 I started restoring my R60— the battery had boiled over and marred the fender but the tank was beautiful, and I wanted the rest of the bike to match. I sold it in 1984, and now am sorry I did. Back then, it wasn't a classic, and now it is. I tackled various other projects— 1968 R69s, a 1954 R68 and a 1954 R25/3, and have been hooked on vintage restoration ever since.

—Kevin Brooks, Land Speed Record Setter

The Flying Fox Racing Team

At Brooks Motor Works we don't say: "That's good enough." Instead, we are always learning more, gathering more information, discovering better ways to do things. And having a serious racing effort is part of that process. Vintage BMW motorcycles are fantastic machines. They can be restored in a period correct fashion, or they can be performance enhanced. Taking restored motorcycles to Bonneville and pushing them to their limits isn't just fun and games. Instead, it is a process of discovery, a process that is carried out in a most beautiful, most punishing laboratory. With every one of our motorcycle runs down the salt, performance is recorded, adjustments are made, knowledge is painfully earned, our products and services are improved. When you purchase a restoration of your vintage BMW motorcycle from Brooks Motor Works not only are you getting years of restoration experience, you are getting years of Bonneville testing!

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